Winner of PRODUCTS & DEVICES Venture Cup 2018

We are happy to announce that we are the winners of the category ‘Products and Devices’ at Venture Cups National Start-up Competition 2018.

What is Venture Cup? 

Venture Cup is a world-leading startup organization for university students with offices in Portugal, Iceland, China and Australia and more than 35 international partners (universities, incubators, accelerators), Venture Cup has a global network in which the mission is to identify and develop the talents and technology of tomorrow. It has been an adventure to be a part of the competition and we are very happy with the results.

The Venture Cup include five categories; NextGen Logistics, Service Innovation, GreenTech, HealthTech and Products & Devices. Inniti participated won the category Products & Devices, which involve traditional products & devices, inventions, designs, services, hardware, etc. By winning our category we also booked a ticket in the final were five companies competed for the overall price. ValCur MedTech beat us on the finish line – but we are ready for the next challenges and proud of winning our own category against other extraordinary start-ups. In addition, we qualified for the University Start-up World Cup, which we are looking forward to participate in.

From VentureCup about inniti

Fluid and gas movement and measurements is a common need in many industries, with a market size only in the water treatment sector of about 200BUSD. Flow control installations require specialized skills, and are
centralized or programmed individually.”  – Winners of Venture Cup 2018

Next up:

The next couple of months are going to be busy at inniti. First, we are participating in Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival in Munich where we are pitching for some of the biggest tech companies in the world, namely BMW, Audi, Airbus, Bosch, Siemens, Osram, Google and IBM Watson IoT.

Hereafter, we are travelling to Lisbon to be a part of the biggest tech conference in the world where we are going to pitch our product in front of up to +70.000 people who are attending the Web Summit. To say we are looking forward to this, would be an underestimation.

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